Buddha (Double) Wood Statue – Clearance

On one side of our double Buddha statue you see Buddha sitting on a stylized lotus flower. The blossom is one of the eight auspicious Buddhist symbols. They call it Padma. For Buddhists this sacred flower is a symbol of purity and spiritual unfolding. Spiritual unfolding is what the Buddha’s teaching is all about. His first teachings after becoming enlightened are called the Four Noble Truths, one of which states the way to liberation (or freedom from the dictates of your mind) is by following the Eight-Fold Path he described. His path is one of awareness, of how you speak, act towards others, and even how you think. You don’t have to be a Buddhist to get help in your life by developing such awareness.

Meanwhile, the carvings on these wooden statues provide you with a handy tool to quiet your mind. Replace your mind’s running dialogue with your own deliberate thoughts. Look at the statues and simply begin to name what you see: what is common to both, what is unique. Keep going until all you are doing is naming and your mind has given up chattering at you. You’ll discover a whole new world of calm is waiting for you. –

  • The double Buddha statues are carved from wood and when joined together resemble praying hands three inches tall.
  • When fully opened, the Buddha statues are three inches in length.
  • The Buddha began his spiritual life as an ascetic.
  • He later concluded extreme practices were counter-productive to spirituality and advocated moderation with awareness.

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