Buddhism – The Teachings of Siddhartha

Buddhism is commonly referred to as a religion in popular culture. The family of beliefs and practices are attributed to the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, or, “The Buddha.” Buddhism remains most popular in Asian cultures, but its reach can be seen all over the world. Buddha is said to have received a profound enlightenment and experienced Nirvana. Since this point hundreds of millions of followers have done their best to follow the teachings of Buddha to experience their own enlightenment. Here at Mas-India.com we have a wide range of Buddhism products available for you to choose from to help you along your journey.

For centuries women have done many things to find their place in the Buddhism culture. Women’s Buddhism Buddhism’s Women by Ellison Banks Findly is a fascinating book that takes you on a journey through the history of women in Buddhism. You will learn how women have shaped Buddhism to meet their own needs and demands in contemporary life. A vast array of scholars, practitioners and activists will show you how women have managed to sustain the traditions of Buddhism, while being activists for change in many forms. This exciting Buddhism book is rich in information that will give you a complete understanding of women, their role in Buddhism and how it is ever changing.

The Myth of Freedom, by Chogyam Trungpa, is a fascinating book that presents how our negative emotions and desires can hinder us from finding pure, true freedom in the Buddhism religion. In this book Trungpa explains how the role of meditation in bringing into focus the causes of frustration and in allowing these negative forces to become aids in advancing toward true freedom. This book teaches us a different perspective of Buddhism ways.

If you a searching for hypnotic beats and chants to soothe your soul, we have exactly what you need. The Buddha Lounge CD is a wonderful way for you to groove to superb music to get you in the perfect relaxation mood. This non-stop mix features over 70 minutes of down tempo trance-dance bliss that will free your mind and lift your spirits to the heavens above. Right now this exciting musical Buddhism CD is available at a low sale price. There are also other CD’s available. You can have a wonderful collection of fabulous beats to take you on a spiritual journey.

We have many different Buddhism products that will allow you to learn about anything from the four Noble Truths to the different factors of enlightenment. There are so many different views on Buddhism depending on which culture you have been surrounded by. With any of our fabulous Buddhism products you will be able to find the right Buddhism spiritual path that fits you as a person. Be sure to take a glance at all of our Buddhism products at mas-India.com today.

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