Buddhist Drums, Bell & Chants Kyoto, the ancient hub of the Buddhist religion, resounds with the music of the bells of its five main temples. Within the temple compounds, monks are called to prayer by large gongs (kei) and their prayer and chants are accented by various gongs, large and small drum (taiko), clappers, cymbals (hachi) and bell of many sizes and tones. Pilgrims to the temples sing their poetic dedications (Goeika) accompanied by small hand bells and small gong.Drum of the Zen service. Hannya Shingo (Heart Sutra), Goeika (Pilgrim Chant), Aki Wasan (Jode Funeral), Choshi (Meian Priests), Shomyo, Temple Bells (Myoshinji) recorded at actual services in the temples of Kyoto, Japan.Recorded at actual services in the temples of Kyoto, Japan

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