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The Ajna or third eye chakra is the home of your ability to create and understand intellectual concepts; it’s also the home of your intuition. One way to use our Ajna Journal is to let your intuition be your guide for its use. Before you put anything in the journal sit quietly by yourself, ask from your heart to be shown how best to use the journal. Then empty your mind and quietly wait for a useful thought to come: the first thought is the best thought. Maybe you see it full of pictures, your dreams of how you want your life to be, a sort of vision board. Maybe you feel a strong desire to change something in yourself or your reactions or the world. You start with what is in front of you and you begin by noticing what is right before your eyes. Write down what you see in the Ajna chakra journal and your thoughts about what you’d like to do, then do it. The uses for the Agna Chakra journal are limited only by your inner vision. Go for it. –

  • There are two sizes of the Ajna Third Eye Chakra Journal available: 3.5” x 5” and 5” x 7”.
  • Agna is pronounced: AHJ-na.
  • Listening to classical music from either the East or the West stimulates this chakra.
  • For deep healing, bring the third eye chakra into balance with your heart chakra.

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