Chakra Banner (Turquoise) – Specials

Here you are, faced with choosing among three delightfully designed banners representing your chakras. You want a fabric wall hanging and you want to look at the chakras. No one particular banner calls to you more than any other, so how do you make a decision? Well, one way might be to consider the background color since it is so predominant.When people were asked “what is your favorite color”, the most common response was blue. It turned out that blue was also the least gender specific color. It appeals equally to both women and men. Physically, blue cools, calms and aids intuition. So, if you are looking to place this banner in a public space our turquoise banner might be just the one for you.

Blue is described as a dependable, trustworthy and committed color. Because the sky and the oceans appear blue, it is perceived as a constant in our lives. The Chinese associate blue with the primal element wood, the spring season, and the direction east. In Iran blue, blue-green and green are the symbols of paradise, while in Mexico blue is the traditional color of mourning.

  • Our Chakra Banner with the turquoise background measures 5 ft long by 1 ft wide.
  • The banner is made from washable rayon.
  • The 7 chakra design was applied using batik.
  • Inspiration for the design came from the popular Chakra Poster.
  • Each of the 7 main chakras are shown as a Lotus flower, the traditional Vedic symbol for a chakra.

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