Chakra Chants – Jonathan Goldman

Jonathan Goldman’s Chakra Chants is a recording of vocal harmonies, overtone chanting, Tibetan bowls and bells, and tuning forks. Chakra Chants was created to resonate and align the energy centers of the body known as the chakras. The sounds of Chakra Chants were designed to create balance in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Chakra Chants can be used as a self-healing and meditation tool. Chakra Chants can also be used as a sonic environment for creating balance and alignment during subtle energy work and body work, or as a tool for you to actively create sound with and learn how to resonate your chakras with your own sounds. Chakra Chants is also ideal listening music which will help create an enjoying and relaxing atmosphere in which to reside.-

  • Chakra Chants by Johathan Goldman can really help align your subtle energy centers.
  • Chakra Chants is the ideal self-healing and meditation tool.

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