Chakra Prayer Flag String – Clearance

Prayer flags are colorful cloths you hang up to move with the breeze. Our Chakra Prayer Flag String has been batiked by hand in Bali. The flag has symbols for each of the seven major chakras (or energy vortexes) in your body.Each chakra is located at a major nerve plexus of the body. Here the chakra seeks to maintain the organs near it in proper working words. The chakras also work on emotional and spiritual levels. These are the chakra’s aspects spread by the movement of the wind through the prayer flag.The first chakra keeps you feeling secure and grounded. The second is the source of creativity. The purpose of the third chakra is transformation and helps you feel connected to the universe. The fourth chakra is your ability to feel and give love unconditionally; while the fifth is your ability speak out the truth as you see it. The sixth chakra affects how open you are to another’s ideas and your ability to learn from experience. Your seventh chakra governs your humanitarian concerns and your ability to be strong mentally yet kindly and just.It is believed that the wind carries these positive aspects from the chakras across the earth and subtly influences all the wind touches. The prayer flags are physically beautiful and will enhance your yard, porch, balcony, or any indoor room with decent air flow. Enjoy!

  • Choose your Chakra Prayer Flag String with either a white, turquoise, or purple background.
  • The Flag is 10 ft. long by 1 ft high and its string is heavy and durable.
  • The prayer flag is made from 100% rayon and was batiked by hand in Bali.
  • There is one flag for each of the 7 main chakras.
  • Hang your prayer flags on a diagonal, either indoors or outdoors, and let the wind carry prayers over the earth.

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