Yoga on Sacred Ground – Clearance

Chinmaya Dunster’s latest release, Yoga on Sacred Ground, features an ensemble of Western and Eastern instrumentation that is sure to nourish the soul. With Yoga on Sacred Ground, Dunster finds himself drawn to music designed to perpetuate energy through the process of Hatha Yoga. In addition to providing a soundtrack for work with asanas (yogic postures) – the music ranges in dynamism to accompany both fast and slow moves – Dunster also attempts to stimulate and align the energies of the seven chakras. Musically, Yoga on Sacred Ground is on the acoustic side, with each track exhibiting global influences ranging from Celtic (“Gratitude”) and Arabian (“The Watcher”) to finger-style guitar (“On Sacred Ground”), while featuring the sounds of flute, violin and sarod.-

  • Yoga on Sacred Ground is Chinmaya Dunster’s latest release.
  • Yoga on Sacred Ground nourishes the heart, soul and body. What more could one ask for.

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