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Christianity is a religion that is centered on the life and teachings of Jesus. Followers of Christianity, known as Christians, believe that Jesus is the begotten Son of God. Most importantly, Christians believe that Jesus is the savior of humanity who suffered, died and was resurrected for the salvation of sins. Christianity is the world’s largest religion. The Christian faith reaches to all corners of the globe. In the western world, Christianity is the predominant religion. Many believe that Christianity began as a Jewish sect in the eastern Mediterranean in the mid-first century. The early leadership of Christianity was by the Twelve Apostles. Christianity has many different denomination branches under it. Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodoxy, Oriental Orthodoxy, Protestantism and Restorationism are considered to be the five major denominations.

The Virgin Mary is commonly known as the mother of Jesus in Christianity. The New Testament describes Mary as a virgin who miraculously conceived her son by the agency of the Holy Spirit. Worshippers of the Catholic and Orthodox denominations offer prayers through Mary to God. They also look at Mary at the intercessor and mother of the church. Here at we have a fabulous Mother Mary Statue for you to enjoy. This statue is 2 ¼ inches tall. The material is an ivory substitute that is warm to the touch and very durable. Microscopic glass beads are in the material to give off a radiant shine. This Mother Mary Statue is a perfect way to show off your Christianity.

Saint Francis of Assisi is a well-known saint in the Catholic branch of Christianity. He is known as the patron saint of animals and the environment. Saint Francis devoted his life to poverty and is said to have founded the Franciscan order of priests in the Catholic brand of Christianity. Saint Francis is said to have received the stigmata, which are the five wounds of Christ, from an angel. If you have an animal lover, or environmentalist in your family, the Saint Francis Necklace is a wonderful way for them to show appreciation. This necklace will be a beautiful symbol of their Christianity.

Christianity has always been a hot topic in the world of what is right and what is wrong. The book, Holy Blood Holy Grail, by Michael Baigent, is certainly no exception to the ongoing debates. In this book Baigent challenges beliefs in the Christian world and tries to find answers to centuries old questions. Christians of all kinds will be moved when they see the fascinating research that was put into this controversial book.

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