Copper Wrap Power Bracelet (Wrap) – Bracelets

The Copper Wrap Power Bracelet is fashioned from 100% pure copper. Copper was the first metal known to man. For 10,000 years it has been fashioned into jewelry and small tools. Recent research shows that copper inhibits bacterial growth. Copper is also an important mineral, necessary for metabolism of all living organisms. The uses of copper bracelets, such as the beautiful Copper Wrap Power Bracelet, is medicinal a well as fashionable. For more than 30 years copper bracelets have been popular. There have been claims that the wearing of copper bracelets alleviates the symptoms of arthritis, rheumatism, tendonitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome. See for yourself.-

  • The Copper Wrap Power Bracelet is 100% pure copper.
  • Wear it for your health and as a really beautiful accessory.

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