Hindu Statue Crawling Baby Ganesh – 2.5″ – Ganesh

Hindu Statue Crawling Baby Ganesh

Crawling baby Ganesh is particularly adorable and a positive addition to your baby’s room, particularly for female children as Ganesh is the protector of the Mother in all her forms. He is also the God of Scholarship and a real help to reluctant students, as well as being the bringer of happiness and prosperity. We also carry a 100% organic cotton Nirvana Baby one piece romper for your baby that is super soft yet sturdy and carries a joyful picture of baby Ganesh on it.

Even in this statue of Ganesh as a child you can see the balance he embodies. Ganesh is the perfect balance between kindness and force. He also balances power and beauty and gives you the ability to distinguish between illusion and truth, between the unreal and the real. What a powerful deity is this Hindu god. You’ll truly enjoy having this adorable statue in your home. –

  • Ganesh in perhaps the most adaptable of the Hindu gods.
  • Statues of Lord Ganesh can be infants or adults, standing/sitting/crawling/dancing, they may be reading or playing music, affectionate or fierce.
  • Lord Ganesh is a good one to meditate on if you seek flexibility in your life.
  • Our 2.5” gold metal statue of Ganesh is adorable and has plenty of details.

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