I-Ching Creativity Pendant (Sterling Silver) – Clearance

  • Beautiful sterling silver pendant. 1”L x .75”W with 33″ cord included.
  • Once there was an emperor who had an exceptional piece of jade, and he wanted to have a turtle carved from it. The master jade carver had died recently, and his chief apprentice was promoted. Although the young man was a fine artisan, he did not have his master’s skill. Still, to avoid anyone losing face, he entrusted the stone to his new master carver.
  • He told the carver, “This is very fine jade. You must not grind away more than is absolutely necessary. When it’s finished, bring it to me and also bring me all of the dust that you grind away.” The jade carver understood.
  • Years passed. The carver brought the emperor many fine jade objects. As time passed, his skill improved.
  • One day the emperor remembered, and asked his white-haired master carver where his jade turtle was. The carver replied, “I haven’t begun working on it yet. But it should be finished tomorrow.” The next day, the carver brought a perfect jade turtle, and handed the emperor an envelope with a tiny bit of dust inside. The carver spoke: “One night to carve it, my lord, but 40 years to see the turtle shaped just like this stone.

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