Crystals – Health from within the Earth

Vibrational healing, such as using crystals, is the oldest form of healing on Earth. These ‘medicines’ manipulate energy and direct it into the body rather than working on your cells and organs via physical substances or adjustments. The Gaia hypothesis, formulated in the 1970s, helps us understand that the human body cannot be separated from the earth: what is used by the Earth to heal herself can be used by humans for healing purposes.

The Ebers Papyrus from ancient Egypt recommends using lapis lazuli as an eye salve. Indian Ayurvedic physicians, following ancient Vedic recipes, pulverize gemstones and include them in special medicines. Pliny categorized crystals in Roman times by the type of disease they cured, their color and constitution. The Crystal Bible: A Definitive Guide to Crystals by Judy Hall is a modern practical handbook for the non-Latin literate scholar.

Crystals carry electromagnetic energy. They can simply be used to amplify the healing effects of massage. For more complex healing, one needs to consider both the size and shape of the crystal as well as the different colors. Generator crystals are clear single quartz crystals that allow light to pass through and are used to ground healing energy. Crystal clusters exist in a common base that anchors several single terminated crystals. They can be used to clear out negative and old energy from an area or to create a stronger healing vibration. Love Is in the Earth Updated is a contemporary text discussing the metaphysical properties of crystals and gemstones.

Red stones – like the bloodstone, garnets and rubies – are considered remedies for inflammatory diseases (like arthritis) and those relating to the blood or the first chakra. Black stones like smoky quartz and black obsidian also affect first chakra disorders. Orange is the color to apply to second chakra problems and may help diffuse confusion and absentmindedness as well. Yellow crystals such as topaz and citrine are prescribed for diseases of the liver and bilious disorders, located in the third chakra. Malachite is a very grounding stone and excellent to wear the day after flying. Wearing green and pink stones provides a link between the spiritual and the physical world; they are the colors associated with the fourth chakra. The fifth chakra is affected by blue and blue-green crystals and gemstones like turquoise. Inflammations and fevers respond to these stones which also bring insight into diseased conditions. Blue-violet stones like sapphire, fluorite and lapis lazuli are believed to heal the nervous system and the eyes. They assist in healing sixth chakra maladies. The violet and purple stones/crystals are for protection, and are related to the mystical nature of the seventh chakra. Ma’s India carries faceted single crystals to meet many of your healing needs called Basic Crystal Points. If we do not carry the particular color you desire, the clear crystal is a versatile alternative.

Our Faceted Pendulum combines two healing modalities. The pendulum comes in citrine, amethyst, or clear crystals, which enhance the question answering properties natural to the pendulum. Our Rudraksha and Crystal Hand Mala ( is an example of using nature to assist one’s spiritual growth. The rudraksha seed reminds us Shiva wept for humanity, that the Lord is compassionate. The clear quarts crystal, because it contains the full spectrum of color, works to balance out any blockages in the emotional/physical body. Prayers said with awareness on this mala can be incredibly effective.

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