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  • Curvy Yoga

Curvy Yoga

Anna Guest-Jelley

    Yoga and body acceptance are for you.

    Even if you’ve tried before and it didn’t work out, you don’t have time, and you secretly suspect everyone else can do this but you.

    When Anna Guest-Jelley first started practicing yoga in the late 90s, she always tried to hide in the back corner of the room. She thought if she could just blend into the background then no one would notice how her body wasn’t quite like the others in the room.

    She figured she'd truly “get” yoga once she finally lost the weight she wanted to lose.

    And why wouldn’t she think that? Pretty much all messages everywhere confirmed what she was thinking, so nothing intervened to stop that train of thought . . . for ten whole years.

    Then one day, having realized she'd been on 65 diets in her life and that the 66th clearly wasn’t what she needed, she set about to discover how to have a different relationship with her body.

    And then, after a decade of thinking her “problem” in yoga was her body, she had the one thought that changed everything:

    “What if my body isn’t the problem?”

    Have you ever thought something like: I can’t do yoga because I can’t touch my toes or I can’t accept my body because I don’t like my body?

    There's some good news for you: you can absolutely do this. You’re just trying to start at 75 mph on the highway before you even get in your car. Moving more comfortably in your body and liking your body more are the reason to practice yoga and body acceptance, not prerequisites before you even begin.

    When you practice yoga in a way that works for you and connects you with your body, you unlock the door to both a regular yoga practice and a more positive relationship with your body.

    What you’ll find inside

    • Her story of not only yoga helping her accept her body, but how it helped her do so
    • A guide to Curvy Yoga Practice — the 4-step process she's spent the past few years developing that you can apply on and off your yoga mat to create a kinder relationship with your body
    • Pose options for curvy bodies that you can apply in any yoga class you take
    • Detailed curvy instruction and photos for common yoga poses
    • And so much more!

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