Tibetan Cedar Incense – 10″ – Specials

Tibetan Cedar Incense comes in 10” sticks – extra long. All Incense made by the Tibetans is an ancient art for the monastic orders and has been for centuries. The Tibetan’s Incense formulas, as with the Tibetan Cedar Incense, have been the same since the time of Buddha, some 2,500 years ago. Today the Tibetan Incense Ma’s India sells is made by Tibetan refugees. They reach for the highest quality standards. Tibetan Cedar Incense contains outdoorsy cedar, uplifting sandalwood, saffron and herbs native to the Himalayas combined with aromatic solid materials. If your aim is to purify the air, increase ozone and inhibit bacterial growth, Tibetan Cedar Incense is the one for you.-

  • The Tibetan Cedar Incense comes in 10” sticks…long burning.
  • Tibetan Cedar Incense is made by Tibetan refugees based on the same formula as in the days of Buddha, 2500 years ago.

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