Daughter of Fire – Clearance

A Diary of a Spiritual Training with a Sufi Master. [This is the full, unabridged version of Irina Tweedie’s story. Chasm of Fire is the abridged version.]Little did Irina Tweedie know that her trip to India in 1959, at the age of fifty-two, would mysteriously lead her to a Sufi master, and set her upon a journey to the ‘heart of hearts’, the Sufi path of realization.Bhai Sahib’s first request of her was to keep a complete diary of her spiritual training – everything, all the difficult parts, even all the doubts. He predicted that one day it would become a book and would benefit people around the world.This diary spans five years, making up an amazing record of spiritual transformation .. the agonies, the resistance, the long and frightening bouts with the purifying fires of Kundalini, the perseverance, the movements towards surrender, the longing, and finally the all-consuming love.From a psychological viewpoint, the diary maps the process of ego dissolution, gradually unveiling the openness and love that reside beneath the surface of personality.Mrs Tweedie is the first Western woman to be trained in this ancient yogic lineage. Her story and experience testify that this teaching system can still be powerfully transformative today in our modern world. Reviewer: A reader from Michigan, USA Excellent book. Although some might believe that Sufism cannot be separate from Islam and should be limited to those of the religion, this book instead presents the understanding that mysticism, including Sufism, is available to all who seek with sincerity. There is nothing within it that contradicts the teachings of Islam, nor any of the other major religions. It is not a book for those who are simply seeking an easy template upon which to base their own spiritual lives upon, but rather, recommended for those who are pulled into the mystic life by something within themselves. . . and often in spite of themselves. It is also a good preparation for beginners, in showing that the true teacher is often not what one expects a teacher to be, and that the experiences of the mystical path are not limited to those that one hopes for. Those already on a genuine Sufi/mystic path might find much to relate to. Heartily recommended.

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