Daughters of the Goddess – Women Saints

Jensenís book begins with a delightful tale about a legendary Vedic sage called Agastya. This great sage journeys far only to find out the great master of the secret knowledge of the Goddess he seeks is his own wife, who shows the sage that awareness of worldly life can lead you to God. The lessons of daily awareness are familiar to mothers who struggle to juggle the demands of children, spouse, friends, and worldly concerns. Yet there is plenty of information for both women and men to digest in Linda Johnsenís thoughtful look at six female Indian saints.

Women on the spiritual path will identify with Mira Bai who had many problems in her life because she was more devoted to her Krishna than to her husband, and yet villages throughout India today sing the songs she wrote in praise of her Lord. Jensen went on her own spiritual odyssey in America and in India, where she lived with and personally interviewed five of the six women she writes about in Daughters of the Goddess. Johnsen captures for her readers the Indian feeling that these women not only hold the essence of the divine feminine but are incarnations of the goddess, a concept quite unfamiliar to most Americans. The women saints are portrayed as persons of great strength of character and spiritual wisdom. The book allows you to ask your own questions about a woman choosing to follow a spiritual path rather than mastering a profession or accepting a traditional social role, and then offers answers. Ė

  • Paperback, 128 pages.
  • Published by Yes International Publishers, 1994.
  • Johnsen offers you spiritual gems of wisdom from India female mystics.
  • Six contemporary saints considered to embody the divine feminine are discussed along with a historical perspective of the goddess tradition in India.
  • Johnsen writes with humor, tells a strong story, uses history well, and shares feminine wisdom from a perspective only a person acquainted with the women could provide.

  • Featured are: Anandamayi Ma, Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, Ma Yoga Shakti, Ammachi, Anandi Ma, Sri Ma of Kamakhya.

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