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Are you looking for balance in your life? Give Stars by David Newman (aka Durga Das) a try. Newmanís light guitar and catchy melodies combine with the beautiful vocals of his wife Mira to make Stars a listening pleasure. Their vocals are a pleasant mixture of Sanskrit and English across a diversity of styles and rhythms. Stars contains innovative touches of horn, percussion, and piano. This album brings you Newmanís abiding sense of hope and his willingness to celebrate beauty with earthy grooves, diverse musical textures, and soul-nourishing melodies.

David Newmanís spiritual inquiry has led him to become a Bhakti yoga educator, and a kirtan chant artist who has presented kirtan colleges on Kashi ashram. Newmanís Bhakti yoga practice led him to appreciate the multiplicity of ways love manifests, which he then attempted to capture in his music. In Stars he particularly addressed your capacity to overcome obstacles and the power of light to conquer darkness. In addition, Newman is an innovative singer/songwriter. Stars brings his interests together in a fashion designed for your listening pleasure. Ė

  • Audio CD, released March 2012.
  • One disc, from White Swan Records.
  • Newman feels planet wide humanity is waking up to who we truly are and seeks to capture that essence in Stars.
  • Album track list: Dreaming, Durga Maharani, Love Belongs to Everyone (Gayatri), Ancient Spirals Shiva, Thinking of You (Sri Krishna), We Are What We Are (Sri Ram), Tulsiís Bliss (Maha Mantra), Stars, Ganesh Under Moonlight.

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