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Ma’s India is proud to offer you a selection of attractive flags & banner. These flags afford you a visible way to care for humanity. The idea behind prayer flags originated in the oldest Tibetan spiritual tradition, called the Bon. According to legend, later Buddhists believe their use began when devas wrote prayers on their battle flags during their wars against the asuras. Another legend claims Indian bhikku (male monastics) walked the earth carrying a ‘heavenly’ banner to proclaim their commitment to non-violence. We do know that Atisha, an Indian monk (980-1054), introduced Tibet and Nepal to the practice of painting sutras on cloth prayer flags. Since the Chinese takeover, the Tibetan prayer flags have been made by refugees and Buddhists living in India and Nepal. People in Bhutan also make prayer flags but these are not exported. Your purchase indirectly supports the refugees. Prayer flags do not carry your prayers to whoever you believe in. Rather, the intent is that as the wind flows through the cloth and moves the cloth, this wind picks up the prayer and spreads it across the world. In this way one encourages peace, wisdom, strength and compassion to grow and expand on earth. When you hang up prayer flags you bring benefits to everyone the wind touches. It is believed that as the image on the prayer flags fades, the prayer becomes a permanent part of the universe. Your belief is the only limit on the positive influence from prayer flags.

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