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Hanging Bells & Chimes

Bells are an important part of daily life in India. In the rural areas of India bells are not considered a luxury but rather a necessity. Some are worn around the necks of horses to warn pedestrians and keep peace. Others are put around the necks of Elephants to add festive pageantry. Another use is by the water carriers, the "Bhisthee.” The Bhisthee rings the bell to signal their arrival to the occupants of each house. The bells around a Camel's neck inspire the animal to endure the burning heat of the desert. Lastly, they are used at festive celebrations like weddings where a bell is rung while the bride and groom are taking their vows. And we all know that Wind Chimes are a wonderful addition to the atmosphere in your home, on your porch, or anywhere outside. They soothe “the savage beast.”-

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