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Om Art

Scientists have found that chanting in an arrhythmic fashion can abolish negative elements in both your body and your mind. One of the most widely used healing chants is saying the word “OM” (a-u-m) repeatedly. The first sound in OM is “a” which you pronounce like the ‘a’ in accounting; it represents the first of the three states of consciousness, which is being awake.The second sound is “u” which you pronounce like the ‘u’ in would; this represents the dream state of consciousness which is between being awake and being in a deep sleep state. The third sound is the “m” which is pronounced like the ‘m’ in sum and represents the deep sleep state of consciousness. The silence between two successive “OMs” represents the fourth state of consciousness, which is called the “turiya” state. It is a place of perfect bliss where you recognize your own identify within the Oneness. The three sounds represent the past, the present, and the future. In addition, Hindus believe the three sounds in OM represent Brahma (creation), Vishnu (preservation), and Siva (destruction). As you can see, the OM symbol has significant meanings to enrich your meditations. Ma’s India’s attractive wood and brass OM art can be merely decorative or used as a focal point during your meditations. You are sure to enjoy having this beautiful symbol for OM in your home or to give as a gift for a special friend.

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