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Spiritual Teachings of Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

There are many knots in the heart that can be untied only by love. Allow these knots to be undone as you enter into the deep and simple wisdom in your heart of hearts.

Sometimes the most profound wisdom speaks in the simplest way. Ma Jaya presents the age-old truths that form the core of every religion. Yet you would not know you were listening to what great holy men and women have taught for thousands of years, because Ma speaks the language of ordinary life today. It’s about reaching those most in need and bringing them the message that they matter, that their lives matter, and that it matters what they do with their lives. These teachings are the outpouring of Ma’s in-the moment thoughts on spiritual life, lovingly intended to inspire and guide. You are invited to begin a journey like no other, the spiritual journey into the heart of your being. Get ready, and know that an incredible adventure lies ahead.

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  1. If you are ready to become who you truly are, Ma’s words in “Deep and Simple Wisdom” share with you how to act with passion and integrity while on the path. Ma brings us back to the moment and and reminds us again and again how wonderful it is to live in AWARENESS! I loved this book and refer to it every day.

  2. For me “Deep and Simple Wisdom” is like a modern day I Ching (the ancient classic collection that speaks to what you need in the moment). Ma’s teachings can help navigate and explain all aspects of life in down-to-earth methods and practices, while at the same time she delivers deep spiritual secrets with a poetic tongue. Ma is the real deal and this book will become a well dog-eared volume in your library.

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