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Our Developing Intuition Deck by Shakti Gawain is a great investment. You and I and everyone else are born with intuition, according to acclaimed author Shakti Gawain. Unfortunately so many of us are taught to ignore or suspect or even to suppress our intuitions and are left at the mercy of our rational, logical mind. We are left using only a small part of the brain. We leave untouched the wealth of practical, down-to-earth tools intuition could make available to us to help us make decisions, solve problems and deal with challenges in our daily lives. Shakti Gawain has created the Developing Intuition Deck as a learning tool to help you take back full use of this marvelous part of your being.

Shakti Gawain hit the publishing world more than two decades ago with her now classic “Creative Visualization”. Since that time many of her “far out” ideas have become part of mainstream consciousness and are well accepted and respected. The Developing Intuition Deck she has put together contains simple exercises to help you access your own intuition. She is straightforward and practical in a field all too often clouded in the mystical. Gawain helps you find a more balanced life, one where you combine intuition with intellect and instinct, without over relying on one more than the other. One of the most helpful parts of the Developing Intuition Deck, according to reviewers, is her discussion on how to distinguish intuition from other “competing voices.” The exercises on these cards have been culled from her writings and are sure to enrich your awareness of yourself –

  • Contains 52 full-color durable cards with a pop-up frame built into the box.
  • Published by New World Library, 2nd edition, 2008.
  • Each “Developing Intuition Deck” card has a quotation on one side to help you access your intuition and a stylized flower, leaf, or shell on the other.
  • We all have intuition but for far too many it remains an unused tool.
  • Shakti Gawain helps you discover more facets of your marvelous inner self.

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