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Few people in the West have actively sought to cultivate their own intuition. In fact, feminine intuition has been made the butt of jokes over the years. Shakti Gawain is a leading American pioneer in teaching us how to use this personal resource. Her workshops and seminars, and now her book “Developing Intuition,” are leading the way to personal growth and development. Shakti Gawain believes: “as we bring more awareness to our daily lives, we can learn to live in balance on our planet.” The question is how can we know if we are in balance with our earth? One answer is by listening to our own intuition, which is explored in depth by Gawain in “Developing Intuition.” The field of personal growth is relatively new to the West. Shakti Gawain’s lectures, workshops, and books are considered the classics in this field. Her books alone have sold over 10 million copies. Gawain’s books reach an international market and have been translated into 30 languages, indicative of an expanding interest in the world consciousness movement. To further spread the concept of self-growth, Marc Allen and Shakti Gawain co-founded the New World Library Publishing Company. They publish books that appeal to both New Age and creative readers. Among their areas of interest are: personal growth, religion, intuition, spirituality, yoga, and human-animal relationships. Gawain considers intuition one of humanity’s birthrights. Most people have had moments when they simply ‘knew’ something was right, ‘knew’ what to do or where to go. Gawain’s book “Developing Intuition” explores these moments with an eye toward increasing their frequency and availability. She goes one step further and asks that you not only listen but you also ask questions. You learn to make intuition an active partner in your life. “Developing Intuition” is not a text. It is consumer friendly. Gawain shares stories from her clients and her own life. She offers practical exercises that have been successful in her workshops and seminars over more than 20 years. In “Developing Intuition” you are getting a real self-help bargain.

  • Paperback, 160 pages.
  • Practical advice illustrated by stories from Shakti Gawain’s own life and clients.
  • Chapters include exploring the role of intuition in creativity, health, careers or your job, spirituality, and prosperity.
  • “Developing Intuition” is considered by many to be a definitive work on intuition’s use and growth.

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