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The valiant destroyer of gross injustice, the Hindu deity Durga is petitioned by the Sanskrit inscription on our Durga Mantra Bracelet. She is the one who protects you from the dark clouds of sorrow in order to bring you a sense of balance. The mantra reads Om Dum Durgayei Namaha and translates as: Om and salutations to that feminine energy which protects from all manner of negative influences for which dum is the seed.” The word ‘dum’ is the bija mantra for the energy of protection.

The Durga Mantra Bracelet is crafted from Panchdhatu. ‘Panchdhatu’ means five metals. Contemporary jewelers, Vedic astrologers, and scientists have actually determined that wearing bracelets crafted from Panchdhatu can reduce the impact of negative planetary layouts on your life. This in turn improves your chances of success. Other benefits shown by science are improved will power, enhanced ability to concentrate, and improved confidence and assertiveness. This quality crafted and beautifully finished Durga Mantra Bracelet will enrich your life in ways you don’t even expect. –

  • Bracelet is handcrafted and one size fits all.
  • Perfect for either sex.
  • Composed of five metals: gold, copper, silver, brass, and bronze.
  • These five metals in our Durga Mantra Bracelet will balance the energy within your body.

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