Durga on Tiger | 5.5″ Resin | Ma's India Spiritual Giftstore


Our colorful Mother Durga statue is shown in her traditional red clothing. To Hindus the color red is symbolic of action and this fierce warrior goddess personifies action. Her red clothing signifies the Mother Durga is always protecting you from the pain and suffering caused by negativity and destroying that same evil. In Durga’s hands are many weapons. These weapons illustrate the idea that more than one weapon is needed to destroy the different kinds of enemies (negativity) you face. For example, selfishness can be destroyed by detachment, while the power of your ego is diminished by subtle discrimination. When you look closely you can see a conch shell clenched in one of Durga’s hands. It is said the sound the conch makes is that of AUM (or OM), the sound of creation. So, holding one in her hand signifies that you’ll eventually be victorious over evil if you are virtuous. Durga is your fighting spirit. She gives you courage, power, and strength to destroy gross injustice, while urging you to develop great purity of heart. As you gaze upon this statue at the start of your meditations, feel Durga’s strength flowing into you, providing you all you need to reach your goals. –

  • Our 5.5” statue of the Hindu goddess Durga is plenty colorful and has details to attract the eye as an aid to relaxation or meditation.
  • Our statue of Durga rides astride a fierce tiger to do battle with the demons of your ego.
  • Hindus believe Mother Durga protects you from the dark clouds of sorrow and destroys the illusions of the mind, thus Mother Durga increases your knowledge.
  • The statue (murti) of Durga on a tiger is made of resin and will be a lovely focal point in your home.

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