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Durga manifested when the existence of the gods was threatened, so we are told in the ancient Hindu scriptures. She needed to be independent of anyone and anything in order to triumph over the threat. To assist Durga in the battle each of the gods gave her a gift—many of which you see she holds in her arms. Each gift has a symbolic meaning as well as being a weapon. Durga emerged triumphant in her battle showing us that evil is ultimately able to be destroyed and is not all powerful. Another way of expressing Durga’s function is that she removes all difficulties from her children. In addition, she gives you wisdom.

The word Durga in Sanskrit means a place that is not easily over-run, or in other words “invincible.” The first syllable of her name, ‘du’, is synonymous with famine, suffering, poverty, and evil habits. The ‘r’ refers to disease. The ending ‘ga’ means the destroyer of cruelty, injustice, sins, and laziness. Mother Durga is your protector against the dark clouds of sorrow. You’ll find inner strength when contemplating this warrior goddess. –

  • The Durga Statue on her tiger stands slightly over a half a foot tall.
  • The statue is made of cast resin.
  • The resin has been covered in an antiqued gold color and accented with rich colors.
  • Durga is said to have given birth to Mother Kali from her third eye.

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