Durga Pocket Statue – 1 5/8″ – Durga

Our detailed Durga Pocket Statue is the perfect size to take with you anywhere. This goddess is revered throughout India for her valor and compassion, both qualities so aptly depicted here. You can easily see the many weapons she is skilled at using. Each weapon was given to Durga by a different Hindu god to help her fight demons. She holds in one of her hands a lotus flower, near her lap, showing her compassionate and gentle side. Durga’s outward facing palm is bestowing boons on her devotees. It is a comfort to be able to hold her in the palm of your hand as you travel about in your daily life.

You might also enjoy having a Durga prayer shawl to wear around your shoulders or neck for comfort as you go about your day. Whether you are sending prayers to Mother Durga for the health and safety of loved ones, or are just expressing your gratitude for the universe’s bounty, you’ll find plenty to please you with our spiritual Durga artifacts. –

  • Om dum Durgayei namaha is a chant to Mother Durga to protect anyone from all manner of negative influences.
  • Dum is the bija mantra for the energy of protection.
  • The details on this Durga statue are abundant and amazing. Luster is added by the microscopic glass beads in the material.
  • The 1-5/8” tall pocket statue is hand-cast.
  • It is made from an ivory substitute material that is warm to the touch, durable, and washable.

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