Durga – 4 1/2″ – Durga

Did you know Mother Durga is also known as Triyambake or the three-eyed goddess? Each eye has a particular meaning. Mother’s left eye is the moon and represents desire. Durga’s right eye is the sun and refers to action while her center eye is fire and refers to knowledge. You can see why Durga is said to be independent of anyone or anything.

Durga is a fierce demon fighting goddess, so fierce in fact she gave birth to the goddess Kali from her center eye to eat the demons of your ego. Durga fights against gross injustice and protects her devotees from the dark clouds of sorrow. You will find her a welcome presence in your life and your home. –

  • Our 4-1/2” high Durga on her lion statue is cast by hand.
  • The intricately detailed Hindu statue is made from an ivory substitute substance, is warm to the touch, and is long lived.
  • Weight and shine in the Durga murti comes from microscopic glass beads imbedded in the material.
  • Durga’s statue can be cleaned easily with mild soap and water.
  • Hindus believe Mother Durga grants wisdom to her child.

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