Durga Batik Wall Hanging – 33″x 44″ – Out of Stock

Mother Durga is armed for battle as she sits on her tiger. She is independent and relies on no person or thing in her battle against the demons. Durga is a fierce demon-fighting goddess. She is armed with weapons given to her by different deities, each god investing some of his power in the weapon. Sages prophesied no god could defeat the demon army, so the demons seriously underestimated Durga (a mere female), who slew them all! Different dyes have been applied to the fabric using batik techniques. The first man-made dye, purple, provides an eye-catching background for Durga’s regal figure. Mystical qualities are attributed to the color purple, which is physically uplifting as well as spiritual. It is a welcome addition to your environment. A passionate red sari swathes the goddess, setting off Durga’s golden skin tones. The wall hanging’s collection of vibrant colors jump out at you, calling your attention to Durga.

Durga looks out from the painting with almost fierce concentration. She is focused, ready to protect you from the dark clouds of your sorrows. Durga is adept at destroying your mind’s illusions by giving you knowledge. She’ll bring a sense of balance and truth into your life, clearing a path for change, if you let her.-

  • Durga Batik Wall Hanging measures 33” by 44”.
  • The wall hanging is made on fabric using colorful dyes and batik processes.
  • Durga will fight the demons of anger and greed, leaving you free to grow spiritually.
  • Durga loves to bring wisdom to her children, who are all of humanity.
  • Whether it is the symbolism or the artistic merit or both that attract you, this Durga Batik Wall Hanging will be a positive addition to your living space.
  • Please note that these batiks are handmade and there might be variation in color and design.

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