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You’ll please and surprise the artists you know with Earth Henna’s delightful combo package. The body painting kit contains the quality supplies you’ve come to associate with the Earth Henna name. A visually stimulating book on mehndi rounds out the package.The book, “Mehndi”, answers your questions along with providing photographs and 140 illustrations. Body art lovers, tattoo aficionados, and crafters can’t help but enjoy perusing this book. There are also simple step-by-step instructions on how to achieve beautiful henna designs. Professional mehndi artists share practical tips with you. Everyone can enjoy and learn from this book.Mehndi, pronounced meh-hen-di, with a soft ‘d’ like in ‘thee’, is the Hindu word for applying henna as temporary body art. Henna, itself, translates as ‘to become queen’. There is a special feeling you get when intricate designs stain your skin from the henna paste. You feel a bit regal, even if no one else can see your body art.

Henna is a safe, natural dye made from a flowering plant found in the deserts of Africa, the Middle East and India. Almost no reports exist of allergic reactions; but henna is a plant, so be sure to do a small test before using it (remember not everyone can handle strawberries). –

  • Earth Henna Body Art Kit contains a pre-measured paste, insuring consistency with each use.
  • The henna paste lasts 4 weeks in its bottle.
  • The henna paste is enough for around 15-20 designs, depending on size and intricacy.
  • This combo package is a great way to begin or to expand your knowledge of the art of mehndi.

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