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The Earth Henna company’s Henna Tattoo Kit is a sure to please the first time user or the mehndi artist. Each tattoo kit contains sufficient natural henna powder for 30-40 applications.Henna is a flowering plant found in the desert regions of Africa and the Middle East and India. The literal translation of the word henna is ‘to become queen.’ [From personal experience I can attest to the fact that you feel regal with this beautiful body art adorning your body.]The henna plant was felt in antiquity to contain blessings. Henna was applied to their hair, skin and fingernails for luck and joy as well as for beauty.When henna reached India the art of mehndi blossomed. Mehndi can be spelled many ways (including mehandi, mendhi, mehendi) but it is always pronounced as meh-hen-di; the ‘d’ has a soft dental sound like ‘thee’. Today mehndi body art (which Westerners mistakenly call a tattoo) can be intricate and paisley-like, lacy looking, strongly geometric, or as simple as an unadorned heart. Mehndi art is only limited by your imagination.

One fun and traditional way to do mehndi is for family and friends to gather for a Night of Henna. Here the mehndi artist or a family member or friend paints beautiful designs on the palms, hands and feet of a bride-to-be or a bridegroom-to-be. Some artists hide the groom’s name amidst the tattoo. They believe whether he finds it or not on the wedding night will influence who ‘rules’ at home. –

  • Kit contains 15 reusable stencils and instructions on how-to-apply the designs along with mehndi artists’ tips for success.
  • Your Tattoo Kit contains 1/3 oz. of natural henna powder plus 19 ml of mixing solution for use in making the henna paste, and 5 ml of eucalyptus oil to prepare the skin to accept the design.
  • Also included in the kit are a plastic applicator bottle, Q-tips, toothpicks, and a cotton storage bag for leftovers. ,?li>

For an FAQ on Mehndi Henna Tattoos click here.

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