Spa Dreams – Dean Evenson

A spa-oriented CD from flute maestro Dean Evenson, Spa Dreams is a sublime album that revels in lazy-afternoon melodies and softly meandering moods. Although spa-themed, these albums really could be used for almost any practice; for example, Spa Dreams would make a wonderful backdrop for massage treatments or curling up in a recliner on a cold winter night. In Spa Dreams, Evenson is joined by harpist d’Rachael, whose strumming complements the breathy tones of the flute very naturally. Rounding out the soundscape in Spa Dreams are handharp, gamelan bells and viola, which are woven into the texture of the music. Spa Dreams is another winner from Evenson, and one that proves you don’t need seaweed body wraps or mud baths to indulge in the rejuvenating experience of a spa.-

  • Spa Dreams is another winner from the renowned flutist, Dean Evenson.
  • Listening to Evanson’s Spa Dreams will definitely give you the feeling that you’ve just enjoyed a spa treatement – mud and all!

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