The Everything Koran Book – Islam & Sufism

Recent events have caused tremendous interest in the Muslim religion, yet very few people understand its important tenets, as outlined in its holy book, the Koran.The Everything Koran Book, written by Duaa Anwar-an Egyptian Muslim raised in the United Arab Emirates-is your essential reference to understanding the principle teachings of Allah, as revealed in the 114 chapters of the Koran. Offering a wealth of information on the history and significance of this holy book-as well as important translations and interpretations of key passages-The Everything Koran Book helps you discover the fundamental truths behind this 1,400-year-old religion.Readers learn to: Comprehend the true teachings of the Muslim faith Discern truth from fiction Interpret Muslim symbols Know how Muslims celebrate holy days Understand Muslim law and social practices Grasp the Koran’s teachings on the hereafterThe Everything Koran Book is your one-stop resource for understanding and appreciating this sacred text of the Muslim faith.Duaa Anwar was born an Egyptian Muslim and raised in the United Arab Emirates. She is a native Arabic speaker and holds a bachelor of fine arts degree from American University.

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