Falling into the Arms of God


by Megan DonFalling into the Arms of God invites you to embark on a journey to explore the depths of your inner being by following the pathway of the beloved mystic Teresa of Avila. Born into Spanish nobility in 1515, Teresa entered the monastic life at twenty and was eventually guided to reform the Carmelite Order. She blended a rich mystical inner life with everyday work in the secular world, and she is an unparalleled source of inspiration for living deeply and effectively in both realms. Always concerned with the practical application of her beliefs, Teresa wrestled with questions of worth and place. She sought to understand what her visions and experiences meant and if she was doing all she could for the God she loved and served. Her ideas were rejected by many of her contemporaries, and she struggled against the numerous male clerics who tried to invalidate her mystical experiences. Her spiritual exploration formed the basis of the proli?c body of writing she left to the world. In these pages, Megan Don skillfully guides twenty-?rst-century readers through her poignant interpretations of Teresa’s works. She highlights their relevance to our modern psychology and spirituality, demonstrating that the same challenges — of living in the world in the presence of holiness — still apply. She shows us that the place to begin looking for God is within ourselves. Her practical examples and meditations will open the way for all seekers to enter into their own mystical journey to rediscover and express their inner divine reality.

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