Ferocious Durga – 10″ – Clearance

Ask Mother Durga into your life if you’d like to feel a sense of balance and truth. Durga accomplishes this by destroying the illusions of your mind and by improving your knowledge. She is known to consume anger and greed, thus clearing a path so you can change. Durga will show you your short comings if you ask her to.

Durga’s many arms signify she will protect you from attack from all sides. The different weapons in each hand symbolize the different enemies she will fight. For example, she will use detachment to destroy selfishness, while jealousy can be done in by Durga creating in you a lack of desire. She is shown wearing red clothes, a color symbolic of action, that Mother Durga is always destroying evil and protecting humanity from pain and suffering caused by evil forces. If you would be free of the binding ties of your own ego, Mother Durga is the goddess to get the job done. –

  • Hindus believe Mother Durga (aka Devi) relieves us of all difficulties and grants wisdom to her children.
  • Durga is not dependent on anyone or anything.
  • Durga urges her children to develop great purity of heart while she destroys gross injustices.
  • Our 8” Devi murti is made from the clay found in the Ganges River.

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