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Harish Dhillon writes in a conversational style that makes available to the uninformed reader the times and the world of Guru Nanak as well as Guru Nanak’s timeless wisdom. Dhillon’s biography delves into Guru Nanak’s life as a historical figure, a prolific writer, and a wisdom teacher. This is a book about a life lived so richly that you’ll want to come back to it again and again.Guru Nanak was similar to the Christ; he broke the rules of his time and forged his own path to God, a path so rich others have chosen to follow his wise suggestions. Guru Nanak’s own prolific writings left behind a rich vision of life lived spiritually and became the foundation of Sikhism.

Dhillon’s association with the academic world is evident in his biography of Guru Nanak. The former Yadavindra Public School principal and headmaster of the Lawrence School in Sanawar, tells his story logically and free of the supernatural. Westerners may find Dhillon’s logic refreshing over the magic and miracles of other biographies of Guru Nanak.—

  • Paperback, 196 pages.
  • Published by SkyLight Paths Publications.
  • Eleven chapters include: the times; birth and childhood; search for an occupation; sojourne at Sultanpur; first, second, third, and last Udasis; Kartarpur; Teachings, and the Janamsakhis.
  • An easy-to-read biography with a refreshing perspective on the life of a great spiritual master.

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