First Sikh Spiritual Master Timeless Wisdom from the Life and Teachings of Guru Nanak – Other teachers

Fifteenth century India was rife with religious and political turmoil with escalating tensions between Muslims and Hindus. Guru Nanak came into the strife and established a new religion, Sikhism, combining elements of both Hinduism and Islam, doing away with the old caste system and advocating a society based on equality, unity, and truth. Guru Nanak traveled far from India in his quest to spread his plea for compassion and tolerance: to Tibet and Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq. Guru Nanak saw himself as an ordinary person, in no way special, and did not even claim he was divinely inspired. Yet his life and his teaching led his followers to claim otherwise.

Dhillon begin his chronicle of Guru Nanak’s life by setting the stage with a readable, easily understood discussion of the struggles between Hinduism and Islam and the forces that forged Guru Nanak’s philosophy. Dhillon unfolds Nanak’s life in story fashion, providing conversations and first person observations, making this great master’s life accessible to Western readers. Next Dhillon illuminates Guru Nanak’s philosophy and teachings, showing you the reality of a spiritual path based on belief, action, and thought. He presents translations of Nanak’s poetry that are devout and profound. You’ll find that reading this book once is not enough. –

  • Paperback.
  • Dhillon fluidly guides you through the tumultuous times that witnessed Guru Nanak’s advent, in an easily understood, conversational style.
  • Dhillon brings not only Guru Nanak to life but also the people closely associated with him during his life.
  • This book is a spiritual feast.

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