The follow-up to Agni Deva’s critically acclaimed Smaranam presents a provocative contemporary rendering of chants from India’s Bhakti tradition in the lively call-and-response style. Agni Deva chants with tasteful cross-over accompaniment on sarangi, tablas, mrdanga, kartals, harmonium, nyckelharpa, cello and sitara. Guest instrumentalist Hans Christian of Rasa adds breathtaking musical refinement that inspires and elevates the heart and mind.Agni Deva was born in Trinidad and moved to New York in his youth. His study of Vedic philosophy led him to discover the devotional music of West Bengal. In 1972 he began publicly performing bhajan and kirtan in the traditional Bengali style. He later toured with the South Asian Cultural Exhibition performing on university campuses across the United States and continues to perform today.Temporarily unavailable

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