I-Ching Gain Pendant


Beautiful sterling silver pendant. 1”L x .75”W with 33″ cord included.The greatest gain is the acquisition of wisdom and understanding. In the field of work this leads to prosperity. In the home, it leads to happiness. In spirituality, it leads to greater and greater self-acceptance. For the more we become who-we-really-are, the more we see that outward gain will never bring fulfillment. The even-headed merchant, receiving, feels no joy. Neither does he mind when it’s time to spend. Pursing a wise and careful course, he arrives at prosperity. The way to become rich is to forget the importance of money. To put your mind on your work and not its reward, and to distrust the excitement money brings, is the way to gain. See profit and loss with the same eye. The Taoist way sees that everyone flocks to the rich man to try to get a piece of his wealth. And so the rich man who conceals his wealth lives with more peace of mind. Like this sorcerer who learns not to boast of his magic abilities, the rich man who is quiet about his wealth goes on gaining in power.

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