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108 Ganeshes Unisex T-Shirt is perfect for both men and women. It has 108 drawings of the Hindu deity, Lord Ganesh, the Great Protector and Remover of Obstacles. In Hinduism, the number 108 (as in 108 Ganeshes Unisex T-Shirt!) is very auspicious and is said to bring one good fortune. On a mala, or set of mantra counting beads, there are generally 108 beads, or some fraction of that number. There are so many apparent and not so apparent reasons for the auspiciousness of the number 108, they couldn’t possibly all be printed here. And, it would be impossible to pick just a few as the most important.

Let it just be said that the 108 Ganeshes Unisex T-Shirt embodies all of the reasons for the Eastern importance of the number 108 and the world-wide acceptance of Lord Ganesh, the Hindu deity, as one of the most revered deities in all of Hinduism. One of the most amazing aspects of this beautiful and powerful 108 Ganeshes Unisex T-Shirt is that each and every one of the 108 drawings of Lord Ganesh is unique and different from the rest. This is very unusual to find on a T-Shirt – or anywhere, for that matter – and you’ll be real glad you have this 108 Ganeshes Unisex T-Shirt.

  • See Product Photos tab for close up photo of illustrations.
  • Comes in S, M, L.
  • Imagine a t-shirt with 108 drawings of Ganesh!
  • And imagine each and every drawing different and unique!

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