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When you look at the Ganesh image on our brass plaque it is easy to see why Ganesh is called the God of Scholarship. He looks so wise and has such depth of concentration. Ganesh is often called upon in his role as patron of letters when one is writing anything important (like exams, resumes, fiction, non-fiction, theses). Ganesh is one of Hinduism’s most popular deities and is well respected as a remover of obstacles. People all over the world, from many religions, say a quick prayer to Ganesh at the start of their daily endeavors or when they feel the need for protection. The first chakra is Ganesh’s residence where he holds, supports and guides all the other chakras. In this fashion it is felt he governs the forces that drive the wheels of life. The symbolism of his large belly is that Ganesh digests all that is good and bad in life, thus having the ability to smooth out your life’s path. Even from this brief description you can see that there is plenty about this deity to use as a focus for your meditations and prayers. Our plaque is also an eye catching piece of art in its own right and would be an attractive addition to any room’s décor. —

  • Our brass plaque of Lord Ganesh has abundant spiritual symbols in its details.
  • Ganesh personifies the word “OM”, the primal sound.
  • This ‘God for everyman’ holds a place of honor for Jains, Hindus and Buddhists – and all who seek scholarship or help in removing hindrances in their spiritual path.
  • “Om Namah Ganesha, Ki Jai” is an active plea, asking for his help.
  • Our plaque is made of brass and measures 15” tall by 12.5” in width.

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