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These beautiful Ganesh Kurtas are the rage. Perfect for both women and men, the kurta, which is traditional clothing in India, lends itself easily to the western lifestyle. The extra length of the Ganesh Kurta gives it a special flair and makes it very appropriate for dressy occasions. Or, of course, you can wear the Ganesh Kurta for the most casual event – or no “event” at all…hanging around the house is one of its most favorite places to be!

Ganesh, the Hindu elephant deity of protection and the removal of obstacles in one’s spiritual and worldly path, is a great “presence” on the Ganesh Kurta. The image of Ganesh is intricate yet subtle so as not to be overpowering, but definitely the perfect depiction of ones respect and love for all around us who we want to protect and help along their own paths. The Ganesh Indian Kurta is made of extremely comfortable rayon and couldn’t be more appropriate for any type of weather. The Ganesh Kurta comes in black, natural, forest and orange spectrum of colors. In fact, you’ll probably want all of them and you’ll be real glad you did because there will never be an occasion for which you won’t have the perfect color!-

  • Embroidered Ganesh Indian style kurtas.
  • Made of comfortable rayon with a beautiful and detailed Ganesh design.
  • So attractive you can wear our Ganesh Kurta everyday or for special occasions.
  • Unisex design makes the kurta work for both women and small men.
  • Comes in 4 colors: black, natural, forest, orange.
  • And 3 sizes: small, medium, large.
  • Check the “Fast Facts” tab to see size measurements.

Sizes sometimes do not run true.

Chest Size

  • Small – 38″
  • Medium – 40″
  • Large – 46″

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