Ganesh Statue Seated | Ma's India Spiritual Giftstore – Ganesh

Om Namah Ganesha. Om Namah Ganesha. Om Namah Ganesha.Before you start any new venture—be it your day, your studies, your work, your trip—repeat this chant to Ganesh and ask for his blessing. Ganesh loves to remove obstacles in your path, both material and spiritual. (By the way, I’ve even asked for a parking place near the door of the store I want to visit and there it sits waiting for me.)

Look at that large lovely bowl of sweets at Ganesh’s feet. They most likely are one of his favorite sweets, either modakas or laddhus, which he loves to hand out to devotees. The sweets are symbolic of the happiness and prosperity Ganesh brings into your life. At the end of your day it is thoughtful to say a little prayer of gratitude for the bounty he has provided. –

  • The Ganesh Statue stands just slightly over a half a foot tall.
  • It is made of cast resin in rich chocolate brown and silver.
  • Ganesh rules over your first chakra at the base of your spine, the seat of your trust.
  • He is the protector of Mother Earth and the goddess in all her forms.

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