Ganesh (Tie-Dyed) Yoga Tote 18″ – Out of Stock

This Ganesh Tie-dyed Yoga Tote is really beautiful with colors that will brighten your day. The illustration of Ganesh adds the power and beauty of the Hindu Elephant deity, Lord Ganesh, the great protector and remover of obstacles in our path, both worldly and spiritual. The Ganesh Yoga Tote is every bit as practical as it is beautiful. Its long double handles make it really easy for carrying over your shoulder. It’s made of 100% lightweight cotton and couldn’t be easier to carry. And, there’s room for your yoga clothes, work-out clothes, books, groceries, hand bag…just about anything you want to carry.

The Ganesh Yoga Tote lends itself to just about any occasion. It’s perfect for traveling with room for all those new and important purchases; it’s perfect for any event both casual and dressy. You can carry it anywhere with total confidence. Just be prepared to accept the compliments you’ll receive and the questions you’ll be asked, not the least of which will be, “where did you get that fabulous tote?” And you’ll be able to tell everyone how easy it is to purchase the Ganesh Yoga Tote on the Ma’s India website. Your friends will certainly thank you for the great “tip.”-

  • Large 18″ Ganesh yoga tote bag to carry all your yoga products.
  • Made of 100% lightweight tie-dyed cotton.
  • You’ll love the Ganesh printed on the colorful background.
  • This Ganesh Yoga tote has long double handles will make it extra easy for you to carry it over your shoulder.
  • You can also use this Yoga Tote for grocery shopping eliminating the need for plastic bags.

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