Ganeshwear T – Specials

The Ganeshwear T is a particularly dramatic and handsome T shirt depicting Lord Ganesh, the Hindu deity of protection and the removal of obstacles, as well as the attainment of success. Beloved world-wide Lord Ganesh is an image welcomed everywhere, so this short-sleeved, black and detailed Ganeshwear T will make just the right statement wherever you go. The Ganeshwear T also makes a particularly striking gift for all occasions for both men and women. Anyone would be proud to wear the Ganeshwear T, especially you. So be sure and buy several to have on hand for the perfect gift and at least one for yourself. With Lord Ganesh’s image on the front in a negative print, and Lord Ganesh’s name on the back, you’ll have Ganesh coming and going, protecting you from all angles.

You simply can’t go wrong buying this unusually beautiful Ganeshwear T.-

  • 100% Thick cotton negative print T-shirt.
  • Special detail on back shirt.
  • See Product Photo tab for extra photos.
  • Comes in black only.
  • Sizes are S, M, L. Sizing runs large.

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