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Ma’s India brings you a happy deity on our Ganesh Wood Plaque. This deity – who is worshiped by Jains, Buddhists, and Hindus – is one of Hinduism’s most popular gods. Because he is also a non-sectarian deity, Ganesh carries the title of “A God for Everyman.”His name ‘Ganesha’ is a compound of Sanskrit words. It joins “gana” (which means group or multitude) with “isha” (which means lord or master). Put together these Sanskrit words mean lord of hosts or lord of the elements. Other names for Ganesh are Gangpati and Vigneshvara.The images of Ganesh are not static. Traditional pictures and statues show him in a wide variation of poses: dancing, standing, fighting demons, playing with the family, sitting or reclining. In some Ganesh is the fierce protector, in other pictures, like our wood plaque, he is happy and giving you whatever it is you need.

This son of Parvati and Shiva, and brother of Skanda, is honored by a 10-day festival in late August or early September. It is called Ganesh Chaturthi. At this time it is common to place red flowers around his pictures and statues.-

  • The Hindu deity on our wood plaque is known as the remover of difficulties. Why?
  • It is believed Ganesh frees you so you will know you are loved.
  • What better way to bring a positive atmosphere to your home than to hang our plaque with Ganesh’s picture on your wall.
  • The wood plaque is easy to mount and its raised details add interest and symbolism.
  • You will enjoy the natural antique wood finish on our 12” x 14.5” Ganesh Wood Art.

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