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Ganesh is highly symbolic. He personifies a person who has found the divine within himself. Ganesh also stands for the first sound, OM, from which all hymns were born. It is said when Shakti (Energy) and Shiva (Matter) merged, Ganesh (sound) and Skanda (light) came to be. Ganesh represents the balance you need between kindness and force, between beauty and power. In addition, Ganesh symbolizes the ability to discriminate so you can become aware of the difference between illusion and truth.

Each and every part of a Ganesh depiction has a meaning from his head (fidelity, discrimination and intelligence) to the position of his legs (one up and one down), which shows the importance of being able to function in the world without being caught up by materialism. Some say Ganesha’s broken tusk shows the ability to overcome all forms of dualism, others say it shows his ability to retain what is good and throw away the bad. Scholars have counted 57 different symbols held in his hands. You can read more about Ganesh in the Ganapati Upanishad of the rishi Atharva.-

  • Ganesh is known as the Lord of the Hosts.
  • The ‘ga’ in his name stands for intellect, ‘na’ means wisdom; thus he is considered Lord of Intellect and Wisdom.
  • Ganesh rules the first chakra which represents our instinct for survival, procreating, conservation and material well-being.
  • Please note that these batiks are handmade and there might be variation in color and design.
  • The Ganesh Batik comes in 31″ x 46″.

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