Ganesh Handprint Poster – 10.5″ x 14″ – Posters

Our Ganesh Handprint Poster is more abstract or interpretive than you are used to seeing from Indian mythological art. This popular figure is shown in more varied images than most other gods. Ganesh can be depicted dancing, standing, fighting demons, playing with his family, sitting down, or even reclining. It is interesting to note that the artist draws attention to Ganesh’s eye. Frequently you’ll see Ganesh portrayed with small eyes. The poster’s artist however has made the eye stand out. The symbolism of Ganesh’s eye is to remind you to concentrate. One can also see the fierceness with which Ganesh fights the demons or obstacles in your way on this poster.

Other symbolism in the painting include Ganesh’s prominent trunk, which symbolizes his adaptability and efficiency. His large stomach is said to peacefully digest both the good and bad in life. Ganesh’s big head reminds you to think big. His hand is facing outward as he gives you a blessing. Ganesh is the personification of the primal or first sound, which Hindus call OM. It is said that Ganesh resides in your first chakra at the base of your spine. In this way, he holds and guides all the other chakras. Here Ganesh is able to govern the forces that drive your wheels of life.

  • Ganesh poster size is 10.5” x 14”.
  • The poster is printed on heavy quality paper.
  • Popular Ganesh removes impediments on your path.
  • He is also the protector of Mother Earth.
  • Ganesh is prayed to before new undertakings, at the start of daily prayers, before traveling, before exams, anywhere you feel the need for help.

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