Ganesh Sequin Cloth Print – Batiks & Cloths

At first glance our Ganesh print sparkles with gold highlights and the pure red background strikes your eye, as should be. Red and gold are the colors that attract prosperity and Ganesh is considered by Hindus, Jains and Buddhists as the bringer of happiness and prosperity. When you look at the details on this Ganesh Sequin Cloth Print, you see evidence of his abundance and stories. With his outward facing palm, Ganesh is blessing you and protecting you on your spiritual path. His large belly shows Ganesh is digesting all the good and bad in life. His small eyes remind you to concentrate. Ganesh (aka Ganapati, Ganesha, or Vigneshvara) is the son of Parvati and Shiva. He has the head of an elephant and the body of a man. There are several versions of how Ganesh got this head. His brother is Skanda but northern and southern Indians differ on who is the eldest. Did Ganesh have a wife or was he always single? Again, the stories vary.

You can find out more about this interesting deity from books in our store. Check out Ganapati, Ganesh Goes to Lunch, Ganesh Removing the Obstacles or Ganesha: The Auspicious, the Beginning.-

  • Ganesh Sequin Cloth Print is 30” by 40” approximately.
  • The picture is printed on cloth by hand.
  • Gold sequins are hand stitched to add vibrant highlights.
  • The opulent embellishments and intricate border give a feel of the East to the art work.
  • This elegant cloth print of Ganesh will brighten up any room.

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